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Dr. Eric Cobb – The Vision Gym

You stick your neck out to see better. You change your gait to walk without falling. You jut out your jaw. You move your head instead of your eyes to see something. In other words, you change your center of gravity and redistribute your weight… In order to see better.


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Dr. Eric Cobb - The Vision Gym Dr. Eric Cobb – The Vision Gym

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Can these simple 10-minute ‘Eye Exercises’ trigger an age-reversing
process and force your body to become leaner, stronger and faster?

Tens of thousands of professional athletes are already doing it!

At the 2008 Beijing Games, Dara Torres (age 41) was the “oldest swimmer in Olympic history”. She took home three silvers, beating out kids half her age.

This was her second comeback from retirement. An Olympian swimmer over 40? Unheard of.

Women’s Health wrote, “Her body is insane… [And seven years after the Sydney Games], she looks leaner, stronger and not a day older.

Four years later, during the 2012 Summer Olympic trials, Dara (now 45) disqualified by a mere 0.09 seconds. That’s literally faster than the blink of an eye.

She wouldn’t go to London. But for Dara, London would’ve been the cherry on top. She’s already won 12 Olympic medals — competing in five Games since 1984.

But the real question here is…

How did this middle-aged mother, (who’s had reconstructive knee surgery — no less), “comeback” so many times and win just as often?

Is she super human? Did she just have “the body” for it? Or did she use specialized “vision training” — similar to what I’m about to show you — keeping her young, fit and lean?

(HINT: There’s Something About Her Eyes)

What if I were to tell you…

Professional athletes, law enforcement and military forces (from around the world) are using an ethical (and legal) fitness training system — to gain an unfair advantage?

An “unusual fitness secret” that triggers an age-reversing process and forces your body to become leaner, meaner and faster?

And that these exercises only take you 10 minutes a day, without breaking a sweat or barely lifting a finger?

It sounds strange, doesn’t it?

(NOTE: By the way, I’m not talking about meditation, visualization or “spiritual” exercises and the like…)

What I am talking about is actually much more concrete and “real”.

In fact…

  • Even if you’re turning 40, 50 or older…
  • Even if you’ve had kids and can’t seem to lose that stubborn fat…
  • Even if you’re struggling to workout, diet and live well…
  • Even if you spend 8 to 10 hours a day in front of a computer right now…
  • Even if you’ve been “feeling your age”… And you’re getting sick or injured more often than usual…

Get Dr. Eric Cobb – The Vision Gym at the CourseAvai

These incredibly simple 10-minute exercises can defy and reverse aging for you, giving you…

The Energy, Stamina & Flexibility Of A Twenty-Something!

(Like a reset button for your body!)

I agree – it sounds like something straight out of a Hollywood summer blockbuster, like Spiderman or Batman…

But if you’ll just give me the benefit of doubt for the next few moments – I will prove to you, unequivocally – how sports science, lab results and living examples back up every single claim I’ve made so far… and more!

But first, allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Dr. Eric Cobb, co-founder, president and CEO of Z-Health Performance Solutions, LLC.

What we do at Z-Health – in essence – is show people how to perform at higher levels. What that means is… getting fit, exercising right, managing pain, healing and avoiding injury.

We do this with some proprietary “specialized training” I’ve personally developed in-house over the last 15 years. (I’ll explain more later.)

Now – over the years, we’ve trained over 1,250 fitness professionals in 16 countries. In turn, these trainers have helped over 70,000 people from all walks of life. Our client list reads like a who’s who of professional athletes… from teams in the MLB, NFL, NBA, UFC, PGA, FIFA… And even triathletes, pro boxers and Olympians.

I’ve even personally worked with military and law enforcement specialty teams (like SWAT or SEALS) all over Europe and the USA, in multiple countries. In fact, I’ve trained the bodyguards of some of the highest paid CEOs and executives in the world!

So, Why Do All These People Come To Z-Health For Help?

I’ve dedicated my life to “hacking” human performance, getting fit faster and reversing the effects of aging.

For example…

  • I understand the human body at a deep, profound level. I’ve studied it intensely since I was 10 when I asked for “Gray’s Anatomy” as my birthday present.
  • I’ve made it my life’s calling to study world class human performance… having read over 8,000 books (and counting) on the subject
  • I’ve gone so far as to study under martial art masters, neuroscientists and sports scientists… I’ve even developed a pain management system built around what we call the Threat Neuromatrix.

Those are all good reasons for my clients to reach out to me. But the real reason why Z-Health is held in such high regard, is because of something else. In short, I’ve discovered..

The GPS for how the human body ages

What do I mean by this? It means I’ve mapped out what others call the “natural process of the aging body”… And I know how to slow and even reverse it… Giving people a “new lease” on life filled with youthful energy, flexibility and strength.


Let me explain –

You may be using a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) in your car right now. What you may not know is — it needs to link up with at least three satellites… before it can give you driving directions.

Now, if only one of these three links gets knocked out — your GPS stops working. If the link is weak, you may get the dreaded “searching for satellites…” message while you drive in circles and get lost.

When this happens, you end up wasting time, energy and fuel. In a way, this scenario ages your car.

Now – through my intense research, and while reading an article on tennis legend Bjorn Borg many years ago… I’ve discovered the human body is very similar to this system of three satellites.

Think of your body like a car. You are the driver. Your brain is the GPS.

The three “satellites” that guide you on how to move your body are your… visual system, inner ear balance system (vestibular) and body movement awareness system (proprioception).

And if any one of these “satellites” links become weak, or gets out-of-alignment… Your body can react with pain, stiffness, inflexibility, and a loss of strength. It’s your body’s way of telling you, “something’s wrong” or “I’m getting mixed signals”.

But wait — you may be asking, “What does all this have to do with reversing the effects of aging? How can I get fit, stay slim and live life?”

Let’s talk about one of these satellites. Your vision…


What Happens When You Have “Eagle Eye Vision”?

On the other hand, when your vision is strong, this is what happens…

  • You move more efficiently, without pain…
  • Your reflexes and reaction time is faster…
  • You have higher accuracy (catching, shooting, throwing)…
  • You don’t get injured as often, because your eye-brain-body is aligned…
  • Your hand-eye-body coordination is lightening quick…
  • You simply become a better athlete…

Fact is — our vision is more important than most people think. It affects nearly everything you do physically.

Professional athletes understand this. That’s why “eye training” is part of their exercise regimen. It’s why athletes from the MLB, NBA, NFL, PGA, UFC, FIFA and X-Games come to Z-Health to perform better.

But exactly how important is your vision?

Realize this. There are 27 elements I track and measure with my clients.

It’s not just about visual clarity. That’s what everyone focuses on.

When you really think about it, you realize your vision is also…

  • Depth perception – seeing objects at different distances
  • Peripheral range – seeing around you without moving your eyes
  • Saccadic movement – how fast and accurately your eyes move when you read or scan
  • Visual acuity – how clearly you see things
  • Color and contrast discrimination – seeing separate objects

In fact, your vision also affects your brain and how well you think!

Think about it. What do your eyes do when you read? They process information. If they are not doing it at optimal levels you end up affecting your cognition, focus and energy!

As I said — major league, national level and Olympic teams use vision training. But it’s not just a “sports thing.” Even scientific labs around the globe are looking to use vision training to help with aging, stroke and brain trauma victims and more!

The Modern World Was Designed To Destroy Our Vision

You see, without even knowing it, a lot of what we do everyday in the 21st century is actually destroying our vision in ways worse than we can ever imagine!

And as I’ve already said — when our vision is impaired, it can lead to chronic pain, injuries and speeding up the aging process in our bodies!

The most obvious “bad guy” in all this is our modern day office job.

If you sit in front of a computer for 8 to 10 hours a day, you are putting your sight in a “visual cage”. You stare at the same screen every day, from the same distance all day and it’s this same sized “box” you’re looking at, day-in, day-out. It’s a narrow tunnel from your eyeballs to the monitor.And because you don’t give your eyes the “workout” they need… you’re essentially “starving” your eyes from looking far ahead, peripherally, and at different colors and depth.In fact, the only time you ever look into the distance is on the drive home!But it gets worse…When you come home, what do you look at next? Your flatscreen TV? Your iPad, iPhone and iPod? Or your bedroom TV before you fall asleep?


Altogether, modern life has “fitted” our visual range into these “small vision boxes.”

And because we’re not using our eyes fully… From peripheral range, depth perception to color contrast… These skills begin to atrophy.

“If You Don’t Use It, You Lose It!”

So over time, your vision’s many other functions begin to weaken — depth perception, accuracy, peripheral awareness, contrast and more!

And the next time you go out to play baseball, football or soccer with your friends… You end up being clumsier, less athletic and injury prone.

But wait, it gets worse. In our busy, hectic 21st century lives… We’re also faced with these factors which can also harm our eyesight…

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Poor Diet
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Smog
  • Alcohol
  • UV Rays
  • Blue Light
  • Toxins and Chemicals
  • Free Radicals
  • Excessive Sunlight


It’s Like Your Eyes Are Under Siege!

But the worst of it all is your eyes are at risk…simply by using them!

It sounds crazy. But unfortunately, your eyes are at risk simply by using them.

You see, your eyes are the only part on your body where the blood vessels, nervous tissues and its highly specialized retina cells are exposed to light.

This constant exposure to light creates free radicals. Free radicals are known to affect your cell health. Over time, it can cause some serious damage. (Like abnormal cell growth and cancer).

So it’s not hard to understand why your vision gets worse as you age.

But here’s the thing…

The whole “aging eyes” is actually a big, fat myth!

MYTH: Your eyesight gets worse as you age

TRUTH: You can reverse the “aging effects”

Through my research and working with over 70,000 clients through my network of 1,250 trainers…

Z-Health has proven this myth utterly, completely wrong. It’s simply not true.

Vision is actually a skill you can train.

Over the last decade, we’ve proven this over and over again with our clients, patients and partners. Just take a look at what some of them have said about going through our training…

What These Folks Achieved When They Added The Vision Gym to Their Lives

Get Dr. Eric Cobb – The Vision Gym at the CourseAvai

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Dr. Eric Cobb – The Vision Gym
Dr. Eric Cobb – The Vision Gym


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