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Rick Kaselj – 50 Filler Exercises for Improved Performance 2.0

One day, I was in the gym and I saw Phil. He followed my advice to continue on with the rest of his exercise program because he was clear and fine to do upper body work.


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Rick Kaselj - 50 Filler Exercises for Improved Performance 2.0

Rick Kaselj – 50 Filler Exercises for Improved Performance 2.0

“Discover Simple Exercises that Will Help You Move Better, Feel Great, Improve Mobility and Accelerate Recovery in As Little As 10-seconds – without the Need for Any Equipment.”

Discover the Simple Exercises to do Between Your Workouts, Sets or Exercises that Will Dramatically Improve How You Feel!!!

Dear Frustrated Exercise Enthusiast & Trainer,

If you are interested in moving better, feeling great, improve mobility and accelerate recovery, then read this important letter.

Introducing 50 Filler Exercises from Rick Kaselj:

My name is Rick Kaselj. I am an exercise and injuries expert and international presenter for effective exercises to help the body move better. I have written numerous articles that have appeared in newspapers and fitness magazines, have written leading exercise injury manuals, and have given over 315 presentations to more than 6,000 health and fitness professionals across Canada and the USA.

50 Filler Exercises for Improved Performance program is the result of our combined 11 years of University study (including a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science), 21 years of hands-on experience, constant searching for the best exercises and techniques, and teaching of these techniques to thousands of other fitness & health professionals across the globe to help their clients. And this doesn’t include the thousands of personal training sessions with clients, and the careful scrutiny of hundreds of medical research papers.

How this Whole Thing Came to Be……

I was rehabilitating a client, his name was Phil, and he had injured his knee. He was an avid gym goer. I had given him a bunch of knee rehabilitation exercises.

One day, I was in the gym and I saw Phil. He followed my advice to continue on with the rest of his exercise program because he was clear and fine to do upper body work.

Phil was going around the gym, going through his upper body exercises and in between each of the sets of the exercises, he would do his knee rehabilitation exercises that I gave him. I watched what he was doing and after about 10 minutes I came up and asked him, “Phil what are you doing in between your sets?”

He told me, “Rick, I don’t have time to just do the knee rehab exercises. I got to go to the gym quickly and go through my workout and I don’t have extra time to do my knee rehab exercises.”

What he was doing in between sets was instead of just regularly resting between sets or walking over to the drinking fountain or walking around the gym, he was doing his knee rehab exercises.

It was a great idea so I tested it out on myself and on my clients. It worked!

That is where the filler exercise idea came from.

Now, what I do is I add filler exercises in between the sets of my clients’ workout. These filler exercises will help out individuals get more out of their workout.

Why Do You Give Filler Exercises to Your Clients?

There are multiple reasons why I get my clients to do Filler Exercises:

1. Improves Movement

Before we go workout, most of us have been sitting or lying down and our bodies are not yet ready to workout. I use Filler Exercises to help improve movement. When you improve your movement, you are less likely to get injured, you are able to fend off injury, you are able to prepare the body to workout and you are able to push your body harder during your workout.

2. Lubricates the Joints

Other things that it does is it lubricates up the joints through full range of motion. This allows the the body to move the joints into positions better with less resistance or compensation.

3. Activates the Stabilizing Muscles

It activates the stabilizer muscles, the ones that protect the joints from injury. Oftentimes, those stabilizing muscles are not working properly or not activated if you are sitting for a long period of time. When they do not activate properly, it is exposes the joints to injury.

4. Increases Range of Motion

When you sit or lie down for greater than 30 minutes, it affects the range of motion in our joints. Especially the neck, shoulders, mid-back, hips and knees. Doing filler exercises helps increase the range of motion in these joints allowing you to do exercises with greater ease, better movement and with better results.

5. Improves Circulation in the Muscle

By using the muscles, I am improving circulation in the muscle which prepares it better for the workout.

This is the reason why I do the filler exercises in between sets instead of having clients just rest or take a break or walk around the gym or go to the drinking fountain. I will give them a couple of exercises that they can do to target the joints and the movements that they have difficulty with or need recovery.

A lot of times, I give them at least 3 to 5 filler exercises that they can do in between the sets to help them improve their movement as well as their workout in general.

6. Helps Address Muscle Imbalances

Being in so many static positions like sitting or lying down, muscle imbalances form around out joints. The muscle imbalances lead to injury and decrease performance.

How 50 Filler Exercises program will help you:

  • You’ll finally be able to improve your movement around stiff joints so you can feel less stiff
  • You will be able to have your clients move better so they can work harder during their workouts and get even more results.
  • The simple exercises will help you discover weak spots in your body so that you can fix them
  • Fix issues that you have before they become a full blown injury so you can keep doing what you love doing
  • You can work on addressing your muscle imbalances so that you can keep enjoying life and stay off the sidelines
  • Your clients will be telling all their friends how you’re not like the other trainers out there, and all about your secret exercises that relieve their pain.

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Rick Kaselj – 50 Filler Exercises for Improved Performance 2.0
Rick Kaselj – 50 Filler Exercises for Improved Performance 2.0


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